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Worried about your child's speech?

Covid19- restrictions in Clark County have left many families worried about their child's therapy services. This note from one mom sums up some common opinions:

"Since Tommy* (name has been changed for privacy) has been doing online learning, I'm really concerned about his speech services. I know they're doing the best they can, but he needs in person, I feel like he's made no progress at all. I wasn't made to be his teacher, activity coordinator AND speech therapist! He needs so much help I'm really worried."

Our academic professionals have worked tirelessly this year. Providing special education services is a monumental job in a good year, but the pandemic has really stretched resources (human and materials) to their limit. Parents and extended family members have had to sign up for a job that, at first blush, might not have seemed that daunting- but most families have come to realize providing specialized therapy services is really challenging. There is a lot of second guessing happening in homes all over southern Nevada, well... all communities really.

"Is he getting what he needs?"

"Am I doing this right?"

"I was not cut out to teach this stuff."

"I don't know what I'm doing."

"She's going to be so far behind!"

"They're so lonely, they need some friends."

"I'm trying but, I need help!"

Over the course of the pandemic I've been working at an outpatient pediatric rehab hospital, in-home early intervention and currently at a wonderful private practice. I consider myself very fortunate to have not been laid off or furloughed during this past year. But I've watched my families struggle... and my heart goes out to them.

Let me just say, if you're taking the time to read this, I know you have the motivation to help your young one keep moving forward. This past year was a life lesson in flexibility, patience, sometimes humor and courage. Ohhh courage, do not be afraid. We're going to get to the other side with a lot of self compassion and a renewed sense of competence. We'll do it together.

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