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The Speech School

About The Speech School

Speech therapy for children 

Owner Christine Zinn has over 20 years experience treating children with communication disorders. The Speech School is located in Las Vegas Nevada and reflects the vibrant, family friendly energy the residents of Clark County are known for. Our experienced and skilled team members are here to help your child improve their communication skills and support your family with parent coaching and education. We offer fun therapy activities hand in hand with evidence based techniques. Explore our site and discover all that The Speech School has to offer.


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Speech therapy for children

The Speech School currently offers 1:1 speech therapy for children with communication disorders with an emphasis on parent coaching. Our licensed and credentialed therapists treat most communication disorders. Some examples include: speech sound production errors (articulation, phonological disorders), language disorders and delay (receptive, expressive and pragmatic communication skills).

The Speech School also offers small group enrichment preschool classes weekly for children (18 mos to 5 years old). These Family Coaching & Purposeful Play groups support children who:

1. do not qualify for early intervention or public school speech services

2. require extra support in addition to services provided elsewhere and

3. need exposure to peers to improve social communication.

4. are developing speech and language skills typically, and enjoy fun activities.

Caregiver coaching classes

Join with other parents and your little one as you experience parent coaching classes. Offered for our earliest communicators and a caregiver; finally a way to learn strategies to support communication.

Are you the owner of a daycare, microschool or preschool? Ask us about our staff trainings! We support your families and staff by increasing general knowledge of communication disorders!

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